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September 2014 - My own charitable trust is now opened!

October 7th, 2014 at 07:30 am

Cash & Savings: $137,364 => $89,363 (-34.94%)
Foreign Currency: $37,778 => $37,839 (0.16%)
Domestic Brokerage: $277,397 => $284,548 (25.13%)
International Brokerage: $237,743 => $234,289 (-1.45%)
401(k): $131,465 => $131,339 (-0.05%)
Rollover IRA: $43,958 > $42,240 (-3.91%)
Roth IRA: $110,991 => $106,338 (-3.50%)
Total Assets: $925,896 => $926,016 (0.01%)

Last month made a few significant moves:
1) Put $50k to work in my brokerage account: I've been putting too much cash on the side line and being a procrastinator I know just have to do it instead of timing the market;

2) Invested $15k into my friend's mobile app business: I found out from a long time friend's LinkedIn profile that he is now the founder and CEO of a company so I emailed him to find out what's going on. Other than catching since we last met in Brussels 4 years ago he explained to me the mobile apps business he is doing and why he quit being the VP of Business Strategy of a well know multinational company. Knowing him and buying his vision I decided to because their first round investor.

3) Opened my personal charitable trust: Through the advise of the Fidelity adviser I mentioned before I just opened this trust so I can channel my highly appreciated stocks proceeds into this trust then distribute it into a charitable organization of my choosing. This is particular important to me since I always put over $10k into charitable contribution every year. Not sure why the Fidelity adviser I met 2 years ago didn't mention this tool to me but this tool will save me thousands of dollars each year! Less to the government but more to the good cause! =)