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November 2007 Review

December 2nd, 2007 at 12:54 pm

Cash & Savings: $24,663 (-27.44%)
Foreign Currency: $35,590
Brokerage: $131,043 (-1.57%)
401(k): $19,723 (-2.61%)
IRA: $94,115 (-3.86%)
Roth IRA: $17,714 (-14.01%)
Stock Option: $20,443 (-7.34%)
Total Assets: $321,091 (-2.08%)

Just like October, November is another bad month for the global stock market. The devaluation of USD also hurts me overseas as I have to spend a tremdous amount of time in HK and China.

At both places I can feel the inflation on every day items, most notably food. Either the portion gets smaller or the price has gone up.

In China the USD is dropping like a rock. I tried to get as much Chinese Yuan out as possible to stop the bleeding. But there is a limit on how much you can withdraw in a given month so I've been hurt by that. Because of this, I also added a new item to reflect the amount of foreign currency I hold because it is a pretty big portion of my Cash & Savings category and it will only get larger over time.

This month marks the first time that my total assets dropped since I started the blog, mainly thanks to the ~$7,000 loss in the stock market.

Because I expect US dollars to continue its slide for strategy for the next two months is to convert as much cash to Chinese Yuan as possible. People expect the Yuan to rise to 7.0 against the dollar vs. 7.4 as it is now. That's a 5% rise from the current level. Quite significant!