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December 2010

January 3rd, 2011 at 07:11 pm

Cash & Savings: $89,922 (-23.13%)
Foreign Currency: $31,927 (5.62%)
US Brokerage: $128,396 (10.96%)
Overseas Brokerage: $97,613 (50.22%)
401(k): $59,898 (4.68%)
IRA: $91,355 (9.31%)
Roth IRA: $23,303 (-1.51%)
Total Assets: $522,414 (6.10%)

Due to my hectic traveling schedule I wasn't able to make the Nodevember update in time so I'm going straight to December instead. There are quite some significant updates on my total asset in the last two months:
1. I am able to access my foreign currency account 1.5 year later. The increase simply reflects the interest incurred during that time and its appreciation against USD, which is easy given how weak the green back is.
2. I opened a new actively managed brokerage account with $30,000. I'm hoping this account will perform better than my other accounts.
3. I made a small adjustment to my existing overseas brokerage account. I need to pay more attention to this account because it's performance is subpar compare to the overall market.
4. I moved $10,000 into a US brokerage account. The money will be invested in blue chips/high yield stocks. This money eventually will go to my sibling therefore it has to be relatively safe.

Despite the 5-week vacation I had in the last two months I was too occupied with other misc. things that removed me from looking into how my investment performed in 2011. That's a pity because I had plans to do other things as well but none of that happened due to all the new chores that came up in the last two months. I hope in the next two weeks I can finish my evaluation.