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June 2015 - 12 weeks into unemployment and counting

July 3rd, 2015 at 09:24 am

Cash & Savings: $66,386 ==> $58,594 (-11.74%)
Foreign Currency: $39,690 ==> $39,690 (0%)
US Brokerage: $300,094 ==> $300,922 (0.28%)
Overseas Brokerage: $253,820 ==> $247,360 (-2.55%)
Retirement Accounts: $317,217==> $311,317 (-1.86%)
Business Investment: $65,000 ==> $65,000 (0%)
Charitable Account: $11,020 ==> $10,801 (-1.99%)
Total: $1,053,227 ==> $1,033,684 (-1.86%)

By now I have been unemployed for 12 weeks but since I didn’t claim unemployment benefit immediately I can still receive 5 weeks of it. The process is quite efficient after you received the first payment – you file it on Monday then the government deposit it into your account on Wednesday. However, that money is only good for a week worth of grocery for a family of four, not that I have one, but I wonder how a middle class family survives with such measly amount, not to mention that I’m receiving the maximum amount, so for a working class family I doubt they can make the ends meet.

The sharp drop in my cash position reflects the expenses for my wedding that is less than 4 weeks away. There are another $10k due by end of July.

A month from now I’ll be staying at my fiancee’s house so the total expenses between the two of us will go down eventually but before I sell my house there are still some big expenses that need to happen, such as new appliances, some patch work in my house here and there, etc.

On the job hunting front, it was really slow the first six weeks but things started to pick up in June and I had spoken to three difference companies so far. Hopefully I can get a job before my wedding, keeping my fingers crossed!