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October 2012

November 4th, 2012 at 05:18 pm

Cash & Savings: $75,978 => $76,817 (1.1%)
Foreign Currency: $34,608 => $34,773 (0.48%)
Domestic Brokerage: $177,694 => $176,878 (-0.46%)
International Brokerage: $173,485 => $174,629 (0.66%)
401(k): $88,129 => $90,297 (2.46%)
IRA: $99,506 => $97,381 (-2.14%)
Roth IRA: $12,930 => $12,707 (-1.72%)
Total Assets: $662,330 => $663,482 (0.17%)

Other than that October proves to be another difficult month because despite my monthly contribution into these brokerage accounts their balance still don't increase meaning I'm losing money on my investment.

With the US election coming to an end by this week the stock market hopefully can put that jittery away. It's time for me to adjust my 401k selections by putting more money into stock funds, at least S&P 500 index fund instead of money market fund that doesn't yield anything. I redirected my contribution into money market back in 2009 due to the market condition and back then I had completely lost faith in the US financial market to govern itself. In fact, I still don't have faith in that but at least now there is Dodd-Frank to pressure financail institutions to behave better.