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September 2008

October 1st, 2008 at 08:13 pm

Cash & Savings: $68,545(21.73%)
Foreign Currency: $31,406 (6.88%)
US Brokerage: $88,066 (-10.64%)
Overseas Brokerage: $24,949 (-13.55%)
401(k): $16,970 (-3.13%)
IRA: $74,219 (-12.53%)
Roth IRA: $16,778 (-0.40%)
Total Assets: $320,933 (-3.43%)

Just like everyone else September has been a very difficult month to my stock protfolio. Looking at your accounts dropping double digits certainly is not fun. I just can't imagine what is going through the minds of people who have already retired or approaching retirement.

Just like the tech bubble that bursted seven years ago, this financial tsunami is teaching me another important lesson of preserving health.

My new strategy is this: 1) resume maxing out my Roth IRA account; 2) resume maxing out my 401(k) and only contributing to cash and bonds mutual funds; 3) deposit into high yield online CDs in multiple time periods so in case of emergency I always have cash on hand; 4) take advantage of my traveling job nature to spend very little.