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March 2012

April 6th, 2012 at 02:58 pm

Cash & Savings: $49,813 => $53,536 (7.47%)
Foreign Currency: $34,529 => $34,606 (0.22%)
Domestic Brokerage: $156,179 => $158,268 (1.34%)
International Brokerage: $163,863 => $165,440 (0.96%)
401(k): $78,140 => $79,059 (1.18%)
IRA: $97,931 => $100,152 (2.27%)
Roth IRA: $22,637 => $22,770 (0.59%)
Total Assets: $603,092 => $613,831 (1.78%)

About two months ago I started to set up limit orders to sell my underperforming stocks. My aim is to get rid of them even with some losses because there really is no reason keeping them on my various protfolios. So far I haven't managed to sold any.

When I'm writing this entry the news said last month's US job report is disappointing therefore people should expect the stock market to turn south next week. I also have been working in the US for the most part of February and March and because of the austerity measure the country may be going into double dip recession but it's yet to be proven. I think people still have money because everywhere I go, whether it's airport, train station, hotel, restaurants, tourist attractions, pubs, it's always packed.